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PDW Support / Re: Danish character set ?
« Last post by ukh on 29 Jun 2018, 09:07:39 »
Tror desværre ikke der er en løsning lige på det problem. Har haft pdw og alarmsender i lang tid og det har altid været sådan desværre..
PDW Support / Re: Danish character set ?
« Last post by KalleA on 28 Jun 2018, 20:34:20 »
Hey ukh...

Tak for dit svar...
Jeg har de tal i min sprog fil, og det virker fint med at få vist øæå i label på beskederne...

Det er de "tegn" som du også nævner jeg gerne vil have vist....
Det er ikke nemt at søge i filteret når der stå mærkelige tegn i stedet for bogstaver...

Kan det løses ?
Og hvorfor er der tegn i filteret, men ikke i et viste "label" ?

På forhånd tak !
PDW Support / Re: Danish character set ?
« Last post by ukh on 25 Jun 2018, 07:56:12 »
Jeps det mega nemt!! Sæt dette her ind i mappen pdw under sprog så kører det ;-)
Yes, it's very easy !! Put this in the pdw folder under language then run it.




Go fornøj  8) Det skal lige siges at i selve filtret der vil et ø ligne et andet tegn men når meldingen kommer frem på pdw og det du modtager så står det rigtigt.. ;-)
 It should be said that in the filter itself an Ø will look like another character, but when the message appears on pdw and what you receive it is true
PDW Support / Danish character set ?
« Last post by KalleA on 20 Jun 2018, 18:51:25 »
Hi there..

Are there any of you who know how to get Danish characters added in PDW?

When I create a filter with the letters æ ø å (Danish letters)
become the letters of some signs  instead of Danish letters

Can it be solved?

Thanks in advance !
Rene, Just wondering if you are intending to add this to the database on

Done! It's included in the database on with a link to this thread.

Wanted to add some more notes on opening the scanner:

The knobs (friction attached to the volume and squelch pots, no set screws it appears) need to be removed before you can remove the top cover.  Be careful if using a screwdriver to pry them off, you could damage the top case.

Also beware the keypad is attached to the top cover, so expect the keypad "umbilical cord" to not let you totally remove the top cover.  Simply "hinge" the top cover towards the front of the unit (after clearing the metal shield in the back.)  And don't forget to remove the built-in antenna before pulling the top cover off, simply unscrew it counter clockwise until it can be easily pulled up from the post on the PCB.

But yeah, I hope this helps someone who wants to hack their PRO-2009, maybe even make this old scanner a bit more valuable to experimenters :)
@eccerr0r Thank you for your description, much appreciated!
@VidarParry Yes, I will add it to shortly.

Thanks eccerr0r:-)

Rene, Just wondering if you are intending to add this to the database on (in your copious spare time ;D ;D)

More PRO-2009 mods:

For the heck of it I added a squelch break LED.  I didn't like the fact there wasn't a way to tell when scan or search hit something but the volume was down to minimum - can't hear anything.

So, I tapped off of pin 11 of the TD62501P which appears to indicate squelch break (it's +5V when a signal is received) back to the controller to stop scanning.  Lacking a good place to find power I tapped pin 14 of the 74LS26 (power) and GND.  Using a 10K resistor from pin 11 to a generic NPN (used a 2SC945) transistor with its emitter grounded, I hooked up a 1K resistor to LED to pin 14 of the 74LS26.

Now I have an LED that lights up when squelch is broken.  The response is unfortunately slow, so it's not usable as a CW detector, but it's sufficient to tell when scanning stopped at a distance even when I can't hear the scanner or see the VFD due to its angle.

Have fun!
Attached, PRO-2009 board photo (old school 9x7-seg VFD!). 

Fuchsia oval in center is where the MC3357P is, and TP-5 is silkscreen marked to the left of pin 9, should be able to access this pin from the bottom too.

The potting barf on this board makes me want to puke :(
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