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AE69H - AE69-2H - BC69XLT - BC69XLT-2

Albrecht AE69H

The Albrecht AE69H, AE69-2H, Uniden Bearcat UBC69XLT and UBC69XLT-2 are recent almost identical scanners. The earphone socket can be modified to carry the raw demodulated audio next to the earphone audio.

The receiver IC is an SMD SL5018. The unfiltered baseband audio can be found on pin 9.


The earphone socket is reused, so there's no need to drill for an additional socket.

Follow the next steps to make a discriminator output:
  • Remove the SMD resistor in the blue circle
  • Solder a 10 k, 1/8 W miniature resistor to the cleared solder pad
  • Connect the resistor's other lead to a piece of insulated wire
  • Solder the other side of the wire to pin 9 of the receiver IC
Location of the SL5018

Discriminator Output
10 k miniature resistor
Connection to pin 9

Using a stereo 3.5 mm plug, the earphone signal is available between the tip and ground. The discriminator output is available between the middle ring and ground.


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