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AOR AR8200 (AOR8200)


The AOR AR8200 (AOR8200) is equipped with a discriminator output as a standard. It is available on the AUX-connector. A special interface cable (OS8200, the CC8200 is not suited) makes the unfiltered audio available.

If you don't want to purchase the OS8200 interface cable, this scanner can be equipped with a discriminator output quite easily.




This PCB via contains the unfiltered baseband signal

A 10 k resistor is soldered to the via

The discriminator output is made on a via on the printed circuit board carrying the unfiltered audio. A 10 k miniature resistor is soldered to this via.

The AR8200 can come with a slightly different circuit board layout, as shown in the two pictures below.



PCB via (alternative circuit board layout)

10 k resistor soldered to the via (alternative circuit board layout)


The resistor's other lead is connected to the inner conductor of a 3.5 mm mono socket, which is mounted in the scanner's side.

The socket's ground lug is connected to the scanner's shield with a short piece of wire.



The result

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