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Atron Compu 8000

Atron Compu 8000

The Atron Compu 8000 is a rather vintage scanner, that can be easily equipped with a discriminator output. The FM circuit contains an MC3359, with the baseband audio at pin 10.

Compu 8000
A 10 k resistor is connected to pin 10 of the MC3359. Pin 10 is on one of the corners of the IC. The other lead of the resistor is connected to a short piece of insulated wire, which is connected to a chassis terminal in the back of the scanner. Because of the metal back panel of the scanner, a separate ground connection of the chassis terminal is not required.
Location of pin 10
Connection to the IC
Pin 10 of the 3359 contains the baseband signal
A 10k resistor connects the discriminator to the outside world

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