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Sorry but they where  not genunie. Do not bay them from this dealer.....
I do not think there are anny of these boards that come with genuine FTDI chip.
Now I will try another way to get this solved. I will return with more info.

I have now find a dealer that says it has this FT232 chip is genuine.
I will cross my fingers that it is true. I am not into solder a new chip on my boards. Sorry I am to old for this small stuff  8)

Thank for the update on this. Yes all my modules is with Clone chips. Do you have any preference where to get one without cloned chips.
I have now found a simple way to test if it is a clone board.
When plugging board in to USB it starts up fine and install with correct COM port and so.
But second time I plugging board into USB it comes up under Other Devices - FT232R USB UART.
And under hardware-id under details it has 2 lines:
When it was working the first time it was inserted to USB port it has only one line.

I have one interface made with part from Ebay. Haw can I check it is not a clone.
And I now have delivered to a customer that says it does not work any more.
But it seems that interface is running and the needle in PDW is flashing as normal.

I have now received 2 baords but I am not shure about smd R3. what is this missing, there are 2 smd pads on the solder site ?
Sory I think I have foud it. The other is C5.

I forgot to mention that I alredy have the USB board.
So i am very interested in the board and PIC.

I am very interestet in this layout. When do you think I can order this.
I now have 2 customer that want this fast.

Data Slicers and Interfaces / Re: RS232 to 3.5 Mono cable
« on: 19 Apr 2014, 00:18:57 »
OK i think you most have an modem called 'Hamcomm modem'. This is not just a cable.
It has to have some level conversion added in to the cable.
But you can find lot of info for the old Hamcomm modem on this site or you can bye one
alredy made at

Data Slicers and Interfaces / Re: RS232 to 3.5 Mono cable
« on: 18 Apr 2014, 13:01:50 »
I am not shure what you mean. The RS232 interface uses 3 connection. pin 5 is Ground and pin 2 and 3 is in and out data.
So you can not convert this to a mono cable or connection.

I have manged to get the interface in one of these boxses. 90x56x23mm ABS Plastic Enclosure Small Project Box.
You can find it on ebay.

Data Slicers and Interfaces / LED falsh at startup
« on: 18 Apr 2014, 12:13:14 »
Can any one here tell what the flash LED show when connecting power.
I have now assembled 3 RS323 modems and one of them is flashing different and do not work.

It seems that the 2 that are working is startup with one flash.
The one that does not work is starting with 4 fast flash, and then 4 slow flash.


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