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PDW Support / Re: POCSAG Simulator
« on: 18 Jan 2018, 02:53:50 »
Just to let everyone know, the works great after you tweak the levels.  Be sure to set the level in to the highest and things should work for you.

Thanks for all input.


PDW Support / Filter Question
« on: 18 Jan 2018, 01:52:19 »
I have a question on how filters work in PDW.  What I think I am seeing is that when the first filter in the list has it's criteria met, it stops going down the list of filters.

Here is what I am trying to do.  I have a list of filters that all have the same CAP code.  What I want to do is depending on the text in the filter play a different .wav file.  So if I have a filter with a CAP code of 0000357 and no text, but that filter runs a command and plays a sound, any filter below that in the list will not be run since the first in the list was triggered.

I think I can get things to work how I want but it looks like I would not use the CAP code, but just the text filter. 

Any help or suggestions from folks that have used filters in this way will be appreciated.


PDW Support / Re: Filter Command File
« on: 15 Jan 2018, 13:53:08 »
After trying multiple different combinations and a hint I picked up from another post, I was able to get it working.  Below is how it is setup in PDW.

Code: [Select]
Enable Command file field = C:\UniServerZ\core\php71\php.exe

Arguments = C:\UniServerZ\www\inhouse-db.php "%7"

The trick was to put the path and PHP script file in the arguments as well as putting the %7 in quotes.

All is working great now.

PDW Support / Filter Command File
« on: 14 Jan 2018, 20:41:55 »
I am trying to get PDW to launch a PHP script from the Command File in the Filter.  I am running a WAMP on the machine and all I want to pass is the message text using %7. 

What I have in for the command file c:\path\to\command\php.exe inhouse.php and in the Arguments %7.

I have a batch file that runs the PHP file file and I can pass the simulated message text in the batch file and everything works fine.  I just can't seem to get PDW to launch the PHP file.  I command prompt windows does appear briefly, and disappears, but the PHP script is not being launched.  If it was, the script would write to a log file to confirm that it ran.

Has anyone had any luck launching executables and passing arguments?

Thanks in advance.

PDW Support / Re: POCSAG Simulator
« on: 06 Jan 2018, 03:31:13 »
This should work?  VidarParry, if you figure out how to get this into PDW, please let me know.  I may try one PC to another and see if that works.

Thanks for all the input.

PDW Support / POCSAG Simulator
« on: 01 Jan 2018, 17:42:54 »

I'm new to the forum and just started using PDW to build an in station alerting system for a fire department.  PDW is up and running fine and receiving all of the pages from the dispatch center.  I now need to work on some PHP scripts that will receive the filtered pages from PDW and process them for displays and some other functions.

Does anyone know of a POCSAG simulator that I could use to generate a POCSAG page on a Windows 7 machine.  Rene suggested this but that just throws error on Windows 7.  I do not have an XP machine to use.

If anyone knows of such a utility or method to generate test POCSAG messages, I would greatly appreciate it.

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