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PDW Support / Unable to install Com support
« on: 26 Nov 2017, 22:57:10 »
I am using PDW to decode ACARS and Pocsag via soundcard with reasonable success but want to try using the RS232 interface I purchased some time ago. I can run Install.exe OK but it ends with message 'Driver Installer Failed'.

When I run PDW the interface does not allow me to select COM port, the boxes are all greyed out, I can only select soundcard. Anyone any advice?

Running Win10. Have tried running in Compatability Mode WinXP but no change.


PDW Support / Yellow Triangle
« on: 15 Feb 2015, 20:09:01 »
Can anyone tell me what the yellow triangle containing an exclamation mark next to the level meter indicate? I'm assuming it is a warning of some kind but I am getting good decodes and the triangle doesn't disappear if I change levels. Using sound card, decoding Flex.


PDW Support / PDW Win8.1 Hamcom
« on: 22 Dec 2014, 19:42:55 »
I've just had to upgrade PC and am now on Win8.1. For XP I successfully used a Hamcom interface (from JVComm all those years ago) and it worked fine. I have installed a PCIe Serial card in the new PC but can't seem to get any signal showing on PDW. I have used the serial card with other programs (not decoding but comms work fine).

Does anyone know if I need an upgraded interface or should the Hamcom interface still work with Win8.1?

Regards Phil

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