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Information and Announcements / SSL/HTTPS
« on: 29 Sep 2018, 14:30:47 »
Today, I have installed an SSL certificate on this site. That means that all communications between your side and, including the contact form and this forum (login/password) is encrypted.

Update: a small batch of the 4 level interface has been built on a client's special request. There are a few interfaces left -

Rene, Just wondering if you are intending to add this to the database on

Done! It's included in the database on with a link to this thread.


@eccerr0r Thank you for your description, much appreciated!
@VidarParry Yes, I will add it to shortly.


PDW Support / Re: RS232 PCI card help
« on: 26 Feb 2018, 06:49:28 »
The slicer driver is needed for a 2 or 4 level interface. For these interfaces, PDW needs direct hardware access to the serial port, which is established through the slicer driver. If you use a PCI or PCMCIA card, PDW can't get access to its hardware due to the PCI or PCMCIA driver.
From - 'The interface is connected your scanner's or receiver's discriminator output and to your PC's serial port. That should be a 'real' serial port on your PC's motherboard. An RS232 to USB converter or a PCMCIA/PCI card with one or more serial ports will not work.'

If you use an RS232 interface, you don't need to install the slicer driver, as this interface observes the standard RS232 protocol.

PDW Support / Re: usb interface
« on: 13 Feb 2018, 07:08:22 »
A link to the manual was provided in the shipping confirmation mail. It can also be found through It's here.

Your current interface settings are for POCSAG 1200/2400. The dips switches should be (1) up, (2) down for FLEX 1600.


PDW Support / Re: usb interface
« on: 12 Feb 2018, 06:55:56 »
It's USB2.0. If the needle is shaking, the PC is receiving data from the interface.

Do you use a discriminator output? What system are you monitoring? Are the DIP switches set accordingly?

On my Xp machine, I can only use Soundcard, the computer doesnt automatically find the Interface drivers, and it comes up as a driver with the yellow triangle

Did you install the drivers manually before connecting the interface?

Data Slicers and Interfaces / 4 level interface discontinued
« on: 06 Feb 2018, 19:48:15 »
After almost 15 years, I have decided to discontinue the 4 level interface. Due to reduced sales over the last few years, it is not economically feasible anymore to produce this interface. Due to the complexity of changes needed to PDW, there are no plans to develop a USB version of the 4 level interface.

The circuit board design and component list is available on my site if you wish to build the interface yourself. Upon request, I will be happy to share the Eagle circuit board design file.

All boards sold through have two years warranty. After the warranty period, repair is always possible for a reasonable price.

PDW Support / Re: Windows 10 update
« on: 06 Feb 2018, 07:24:14 »
Reg just emailed me that he successfully tried tried a spare unit, so it was an interface problem.


PDW Support / Re: POCSAG Simulator
« on: 18 Jan 2018, 14:55:09 »
Excellent, thanks for the update!  ;D

PDW Support / Re: formaat Filter.ini
« on: 15 Jan 2018, 12:18:43 »
De voertaal op dit forum is Engels. Voor ondersteuning bij het gebruik van PDW verwijs ik je naar het Scannerforum (Scannersoftware > PDW).

Language on this forum is English. For PDW support in Dutch, please refer to


PDW Support / Re: POCSAG Simulator
« on: 06 Jan 2018, 17:56:32 »
One PC to another is an option. Or a virtual soundcard link like on a single PC.

PDW Support / Re: POCSAG Simulator
« on: 04 Jan 2018, 18:20:44 »
I found this software -

The user interface is in German. Enter your message under 'Nachricht' and press 512, 1200 or 2400. Or enter any value and push  'Auswahl'. Multiple addresses and messages can be entered by pushing "+Meldung". "Präambellänge" is the preamble length. According to the POCSAG standard, this should be at least 576 bits.

Hope this helps.


New Members / Re: Hi From Liverpool
« on: 01 Jan 2018, 12:01:44 »
Welcome Paul, and Happy 2018!

PDW Support / Re: Unable to install Com support
« on: 27 Nov 2017, 07:29:42 »
I can run Install.exe OK but it ends with message 'Driver Installer Failed'.

The install file provided with PDW is meant to install a driver for a 2 or 4 level interface ('slicer') under Windows XP or Windows 7 (32 bit). You don't need it for the RS232 interface, as it observes the standard RS232 protocol.


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