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Data Slicers and Interfaces / MOVED: Send email
« Last post by Discriminator on 30 Aug 2021, 15:24:58 »
PDW Support / Send email
« Last post by b16 on 30 Aug 2021, 15:22:19 »
Hi, someone who has a complete template on how the settings should be to be able to deliver mail either through hotmail or gmail.Smtp ports etc😀
I have added PDW Support (other languages) for those users who are fluent in e.g. German, French or Swedish but not in English.

PDW Support (other languages) / Email inställningar
« Last post by b16 on 28 Aug 2021, 08:12:44 »
Hej någon Svenskspråkig som är duktig på mailinställningarna😀
PDW Support (other languages) / Re: PDW email
« Last post by Karl on 17 Aug 2021, 19:20:59 »
Hallo bei mir kommt auch seit kurzem "HELO"

Ich hatte vorher als smtp: Strato aber habe auch gmail, live, outlook, office365 versucht ohne Erfolg ? immer mit und ohne Haken bei SSL.

Ich benutze von PDW die Version v.3.2b01

Kann mir da jemand weiter helfen ?
Scanners and receivers / Re: Line out for pro 2046
« Last post by Discriminator on 15 Aug 2021, 13:34:43 »
I would try to connect a 10 uF capacitor to the 'hot' side of the volume potmeter.

Scanners and receivers / Line out for pro 2046
« Last post by Thesavo on 29 Jul 2021, 12:12:27 »
I am looking for a schematic for the radioshack pro-2046 or what other radio is similar to get me by.
I found a discussion on radio reference from many years ago and started a fresh thread there too.
I am not adding discriminator, but I would to take add line-level out after filtering but before the amplifier and volume control.
I am running a few broadcastify feeds and would like to use the internal speaker for local monitoring and not effect the feed.   It would also eliminate the external speakers and simplify the connections.

Data Slicers and Interfaces / Re: Discriminator tap
« Last post by Discriminator on 18 Jul 2021, 17:13:00 »
Hey most  i have discriminator tap when i use usb interface😀

That's answered in the Frequently Asked Questions -

For error free monitoring of paging signals, you need a discriminator output in combination with an interface. Using an interface in combination with an earphone output is a waste of the investment. In that case, you're probably better off using the earphone output in combination with your PC's soundcard. A 4 level interface almost certainly won't work with an earphone output.

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