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PDW Support / Filters
« Last post by Adam on 29 Jun 2024, 07:18:55 »
Hi members, when setting up filters & using the "&" option between phrases to ensure the key words are in the message works well.

Is there anyway to set filters to look for a phrase in a list of muliply entries in one filter? I guess I am looking for an "OR" option. Example: Accident or traffic or MVA&M 20

Further to that, could it have an "OR" option with an "&" option at the end to ensure a key phrase is prest.

I am trying to save in filter numbers if & can get PDW to just hit on one phrase if mulitple can be added.

I have been using PDW since 2006 and have searched for information with no luck.

PDW Support / Program
« Last post by b16 on 03 Jun 2024, 10:47:24 »
is there no program that can show the frequency in pdw when you scan many frequencies
Discriminator Outputs / Re: dis crimin ator tap
« Last post by Discriminator on 26 Feb 2024, 07:32:39 »
Perhaps someone in a local amateur radio club could lend a helping hand?
Discriminator Outputs / dis crimin ator tap
« Last post by Straddy23 on 25 Feb 2024, 09:05:31 »
I have a UnidenEZ130XLT and I am inquiring to find out if someone can fit a discriminator tap to this unit as I have bad arthritis in my hands and fingers.If someone is able to assist with this request I can be contacted at .I will reimbuse for any costs that are incurred
PDW Support / Re: where is the slicer driver?
« Last post by Discriminator on 10 Feb 2024, 07:21:06 »
The slicer driver is only used in Windows 98, Vista, XP and Windows 7 32 bits.

In PDW Interface Setup, select either Soundcard or RS232. The latter setting is for use with the  USB interface.
PDW Support / where is the slicer driver?
« Last post by neuronetv on 09 Feb 2024, 22:49:33 »
just installed pdw3.2b01 on windows 10.
its complaining about a missing slicer driver.
been searching on google but can't find where to get it.
it didn't come with the install.
where is it?
PDW Support / Re: Scanner not working
« Last post by Er1kzzz on 02 Jan 2024, 22:59:51 »
To be clear, the little meter is moving but it's stuck on RX-Q
PDW Support / Scanner not working
« Last post by Er1kzzz on 02 Jan 2024, 22:34:45 »

I use a Uniden 785XLT

From nowhere my messages just stopped sending. Scanner is on and working, I can see in PDW that I am getting signal.

Any idea how to solve this?
PDW Support / Another request for help
« Last post by albln on 22 Oct 2023, 14:12:00 »
I had used PDW with success a couple of years ago.  But now, I cannot get it to work, and would appreciate your help.

I have a SDR dongle ran by SDR Sharp. I get the output into the Virtual Cable and then I have PWD configured to use it as its input.  I have tried all the settings  (Discriminator 1, 2, 3, etc.) with no success.  When there is a signal, the needed moves, but no more than 10%.  I change the volume of the SDR sharp up to its maximum and the deflection does not increase. 

I believe -if I recall correctly-, that when I had used it in the past with success, it was with Windows XP. Now I am using Windows 11.

Have any of you encountered this in the past, and do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Discriminator Outputs / Disccriminator Tait T2020II
« Last post by David on 06 Sep 2023, 07:38:54 »
Good morning,
I would like to connect an RS232 interface to a Tait T2020II radio, the radio does not have a DB9 port (option) but inside there is the possibility of recovering different inputs/outputs but I do not know which PINs I should use. connect (S13-1?, S13-3?,...), I can't put an image here is the link to the documentation:
I found some info on page 97: 5.9 Options Interface Specifications
I only speak French, I use a translator, sorry if the translation is not optimal.


Je souhaiterais connecter une interface RS232 sur une radio Tait T2020II, la radio n'a pas de port DB9 (option) mais il y a à l’intérieur possibilité de récupérer différentes entrées/sorties mais je ne sais pas sur quels PIN je dois me brancher (S13-1?, S13-3?,...), je n'arrive pas a mettre une image voici le lien de la documentation:
J'ai trouvé des infos à la page 97 : 5.9 Options Interface Specifications

Je ne parle que francais j'utilise un traducteur desole si la traduction n'est pas optimale.

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