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PDW Support / Re: Exporting pager messages PDW from o google sheat
« Last post by pyjamas on 25 Apr 2023, 13:09:57 »
Hi. I send from pdw through pushover. Have a good program but it in Danish ;-) , you can work around it by sending pdw massage to the api address you make in pushover. Your friends has to make a pushover account to get the message you send. The long code that they get you just put in pdw under mail. Like this

Regards Ulrik
Hello Ulrik, I know it’s been some time but I’m curious if you know how to help me. Instead of using a friends code, could I use my application API token instead?

PDW Support / Messages Getting "stuck"
« Last post by cram on 24 Apr 2023, 14:26:26 »
Hi All,

Our response team uses a POSCAG pager and I use PDW to relay messages to our team by text message in case they are out of range. The issue I have is the system sends out multiple messages and I have the software ignore the repeated message. However whenever PDW receives another message it pushes out the last blocked message/page. This has been causing issues as our system does a test page every night at 3:30am the pagers don't pick this up but it sends out the last actual team message/page. Has anyone else come across this problem and know of a fix.

PDW Support / SSL Email Support
« Last post by rodentkj on 21 Mar 2023, 17:54:29 »
The typical free email providers ended SSL email support some time ago.
Xfinity / Comcast is ending there support for it at the end of this month. Which puts me in a pickle as for I have get to locate an email service that still supports whatever SSL version is PDW supports.

Anyone know of a free or reasonably priced email service that supports the version of SSL that PDW uses?

Thanks in advance.
Scanners and receivers / encryption code on Resq
« Last post by ukh on 16 Mar 2023, 10:41:32 »
Is it possible to read the encryption code on a swissphone resq if you have the actual installation file for the pager. I think the code is somewhere in the file??
Regards Ulrik
New Members / new member
« Last post by trax04 on 09 Sep 2022, 10:45:08 »
hi, iam from germany. I use PDW 3.12 and need some support  :)
PDW Support (other languages) / German Language character Set
« Last post by trax04 on 09 Sep 2022, 10:42:54 »
Hat jemand das Character Set für die deutsche Sprache inkl. Umlauten.
ich habe bis dato noch nicht verstanden, welche Zeichen wie ersetzt werden müssen.

Danke für eure hilfe.
PDW Support / Language.df table / How do I add custom characters?
« Last post by Clerco15 on 21 Aug 2022, 14:03:28 »
In the language.df file it says you can add more languages on your own.

I've tried adding letters ?šž for Slovene (both lower and upper case) and I selected them in Character Set option but decoded messages containing those letters still replace them with a symbol.

That's how I added them

That's how it comes out (this particular word is poŽar so uppercase Ž which get's replaced with @)

Font is Courier New and I also installed the font on my system. I've tried it on both versions, v3.2b and v3.12 and get the same result.
PDW Support / VAC mapping
« Last post by pnoelw on 03 Jun 2022, 19:06:45 »
Until recently, I had 10 VAC's enabled and had been running 3 instances of PDW on cables 7-9. I recently increased to 20 VAC cables and have been using most of these succesfully with other software (ALE, HFDL, etc).

Today I ran PDW again and couldn't get any signal through on the same 7 to 9 cables. After running through all 20 I eventually found that the cable mapping in PDW has got mixed up so
VAC line 7 comes in on the PDW dropdown under 13. Line 20
VAC line 8 > PDW 14. Line 4
VAC line 9 > PDW 3. Line 3

I'm sure there's a perfectly logical reason but is there a solution?

PDW Support / Re: PDW Email
« Last post by b16 on 07 Apr 2022, 11:22:39 »
Hej prövat port 2525 eller 465😀/Ole
Scanners and receivers / Swissphone DE925
« Last post by ukh on 23 Mar 2022, 14:28:34 »
Is it possible to change the frequency on a Swissphone DE925?? and how to do it. Or not ;-)
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