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Data Slicers and Interfaces / npc pocsag decoder sm8212 chip
« Last post by adobe on 13 Jun 2019, 05:04:28 »
How can i interface data from the Npc sm8212 pocsag decoding chip to a rs232 port?
PDW Support / POCSAG filter not working... probably me!
« Last post by Bligh1 on 05 May 2019, 17:45:49 »
Hi there. Total new to this great piece of software. One question: I am trying to filter some POCSAG messages based on their address. Then the filter should run a command file which opens a web browser and sends an SMS message. I have tried other filter, text mostly, and they work fine. Could a text filter be interfering with an address filter if triggered by the same message.
Thks in advance
Discriminator Outputs / Re: USB interface connection issue
« Last post by Discriminator on 27 Apr 2019, 16:50:05 »
After email contact, it appeared that the AR8600 detector output on pin 2 only is only enabled in NFM, while Geoff was using WFM for the pager signals. Mode changed and all working great.
Discriminator Outputs / Re: Motorola GM radio
« Last post by VidarParry on 27 Apr 2019, 05:29:26 »
How are you connecting to the PC?
Have you tried it with a USB interface?

Discriminator Outputs / Motorola GM radio
« Last post by Torquetube on 21 Apr 2019, 16:46:57 »
Hi all,

Has anyone used a Motorola GM radio such as a GN340 to decode Pocsag? There is a discriminator output to pin 11.

According to the spec: The nominal output level for Discriminator Audio is 330m Vrms at 60% deviation. However I haven’t had much luck with it working.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Discriminator Outputs / USB interface connection issue
« Last post by geoffsearle on 06 Apr 2019, 15:10:57 »
I have recently purchased the usb interface to use with an AOR AR8600.  For the connection from the receiver to the interface, I have an 8-pin mini DIN for the receiver output, connected to the 3.5mm stereo jack that came with the interface.  I have pin 2 (discriminator output) of the DIN connected to both tips of the 3.5mm jack, and pin 8 (ground) connected to the base of the jack. 
The usb interface appears to be operating (led working) but no signal in pdw when pager signals are being received, the meter in pdw just flickers constantly.
Any advice? Have I connected the cable incorrectly?
Thanks, Geoff
PDW Development / Need flex 1600 page recordings
« Last post by robertcb on 20 Mar 2019, 14:57:28 »

I need for WAV PCM recordings, preferably 48kHz 16bit in FLEX1600 modulation with the text
"Pager test message 123 ABC abc"
for CapCode 0034929 and 0000001

And also recording an information message that reaches all pagers in range.

Discriminator Outputs / Re: Swissphone DE920
« Last post by Discriminator on 28 Feb 2019, 11:08:59 »
Yes, probably. The DE920 has a TA31145 receiver IC.

Unfiltered audio is available on pin 9. You should disable baterry saving by pulling pin 13 ('BS') high.

PDW Support / Re: Help with Error in PDW
« Last post by Discriminator on 28 Feb 2019, 11:02:05 »
If anybody else has the same type of problem, then check that your pc has permissions to allow PDW to access your microphone.
This was the problem with mine, soon as I changed the permissions from no to yes, PDW started working perfectly.

Interesting problem. Thank you for sharing the solution!

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