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PDW Support / Re: Help with Error in PDW
« Last post by VidarParry on 27 Feb 2019, 21:27:24 »
Wow - didn't even know you could turn mic permission off and on! Well done finding that one:-)

The usual cause (in my experience) of poor POCSAG decoding from a discriminator tap is low radio signal strength or quality. If you are sure the RF quality is good, then to get the best result you need the PDW USB interface, but you should be getting at least some successful decodes.

PDW Support / Re: Help with Error in PDW
« Last post by welshmonitor on 27 Feb 2019, 13:26:16 »
Managed to finally sort out the problem & get PDW working.

If anybody else has the same type of problem, then check that your pc has permissions to allow PDW to access your microphone.

This was the problem with mine, soon as I changed the permissions from no to yes, PDW started working perfectly.

I can decode FLEX with no problem, but POCSAG still gives garbled text on the screen  :o I thought that doing the discriminator mod on my BCT15X would have cured this but unfortunately, it hasnt.  So that's the next thing to try and figure out.

FLEX = great decode
POCSAG = garbled decode (for now until I can find out why)

Thanks to those that helped with suggestions etc on curing the original problem  :)


Discriminator Outputs / Swissphone DE920
« Last post by ukh on 23 Feb 2019, 16:12:05 »
Hi.Is it possible to make a Swissphone De920 pager into recipient in pdw??
Discriminator Outputs / Re: 'Is a resistor necessary?'
« Last post by VidarParry on 14 Feb 2019, 19:59:20 »
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Discriminator Outputs / 'Is a resistor necessary?'
« Last post by Discriminator on 14 Feb 2019, 19:48:56 »
Today in my email, a question about the need to use a resistor in a discriminator output. My reply:

Is safe sex necessary?  ;) - 'Discriminator Outputs', Question 6 -

'What's the function of the resistor?

Connecting or disconnecting an interface to the discriminator output might cause a short-circuit. The limiting resistor prevents the discriminator IC from being loaded or damaged. Further to that, it prevents your PC's microphone or line input from being overloaded.'
Is it possible that I may have damaged one of them by picking it up while it was running since it did not have a plastic case around it.

I don't think it's your fault. One interface had a defective voltage inverter IC. The other interface had a 10 uF capacitor in the inverter circuit that has developed a  high ESR. These things can happen over time.

PDW Support / Re: Help with Error in PDW
« Last post by welshmonitor on 08 Feb 2019, 08:20:48 »
Thanks for the reply Steve,

I have tried all the different settings possible within PDW & with my audio on the PC, but as soon as I start PDW I get that error, no matter what settings I try to use.

Im wondering if it maybe something to do with Windows 10 & the audio drivers, I have uninstalled the audio & soundcard drivers on the PC & still have the same problem, I have also tried to run PDW in compatability mode for Windows XP & Windows 8, but still have this error as soon as I open the PDW program.

It really has me beat at the moment, I cant figure out why it says "unable to open audio device"

Anybody ever come across this problem before?? If so I would really appreciate some advice etc


PDW Support / Re: Help with Error in PDW
« Last post by VidarParry on 08 Feb 2019, 03:57:48 »
Been a while since I've use the sound card, but from memory you may need to try a number of different settings?
PDW Support / Help with Error in PDW
« Last post by welshmonitor on 07 Feb 2019, 14:43:30 »
I have not used PDW for a while, and decided to start using it again today however I get an error box that says " ERROR: Unable to open Audio Device" (see attached screenshot)

I have checked all the audio/sound settings on my PC (windows 10) and everything seems in order, however I still get the error.

I am currently connected via the soundcard of my PC, until I can get my Discriminator Tap fitted.

I have also gone into the interface menu in PDW and selected the correct settings, but when I click ok I get the same error again.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to correct this please??

Ps I have uninstalled & reinstalled PDW, but still no joy

Any help much appreciated

Data Slicers and Interfaces / 4 level interface available again
« Last post by Discriminator on 03 Feb 2019, 11:28:38 »
I'm happy to announce that the 4 level interface is available again. Although the demand has decreased considerably over time, I have received several requests for the interface, mainly from the US.

Main hurdle to continue the interface was the circuit board. I have found a supplier that can produce quality boards in low volumes at an economically feasible price.

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