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VAC mapping
« on: 03 Jun 2022, 19:06:45 »
Until recently, I had 10 VAC's enabled and had been running 3 instances of PDW on cables 7-9. I recently increased to 20 VAC cables and have been using most of these succesfully with other software (ALE, HFDL, etc).

Today I ran PDW again and couldn't get any signal through on the same 7 to 9 cables. After running through all 20 I eventually found that the cable mapping in PDW has got mixed up so
VAC line 7 comes in on the PDW dropdown under 13. Line 20
VAC line 8 > PDW 14. Line 4
VAC line 9 > PDW 3. Line 3

I'm sure there's a perfectly logical reason but is there a solution?