Author Topic: What should I use??? Help, I am needing a full setup !!  (Read 3999 times)


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Hi everyone. I am a newbie who is in desperate need of help. I would like everyone to give me there sudgestions on what equipment to use and how to set it up. Below is some information on what I'm trying to do and how I would like it to work.
Thanks in advance
Owen (79926717)

1. I want to monitor 14 feq from my scanner/s
2. I want to use key words to filter out the information required and send it to me.
3. I want this information to be very high quality and sent to me very quickly.
4. I want to receive this information via email, SMS or pager (which ever will be quicker)

I'm not sure how to do all this. If you have information or equipment for sale please email me at

Thanks again


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Re: What should I use??? Help, I am needing a full setup !!
« Reply #1 on: 04 Aug 2014, 08:46:56 »
Hi Owen,
That's pretty big.

You don't say whether the messages are POCSAG of FLEX, and what the baud rates are. Are there multiple baud rates on specific frequencies?

I would recommend one scanner (or other RF source) per frequency (ie don't scan - you'll miss messages), connected using a discriminator tap into one of Rene's USB converters (one per freq/baud combination).

Then a PC with enough USB ports to handle 14 inputs. I have no idea whether there are any system limitations on running 14 instances of PDW. I run 4 POCSAG and it misses about 5% of messages (estimated).

PDWcan certainly email the filtered messages based on key words, and by using command files you could probably drive an external system to send an SMS or dial a pager (all system and service provider dependant). I'd say use email - I get them on my phone within seconds of PDW detecting it.

So worst case you're looking at 14 scanners (possibly sharing an external antenna array if the dumpy antennas aren't good enough), plus 14 USB converters, plus some form of 14 port USB array (probably high performance), and a decent PC running 14 x PDW instances.

If you aren't technically savvy about all this, maybe you can talk to Rene (who runs this site) and see whether he can sell you a complete turnkey system (don't forget my 10% Rene ;D ).

If you manage to get this all working, please post back with details!

BTW what are you using this for?