Author Topic: PDW Command File error  (Read 9386 times)


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PDW Command File error
« on: 08 Dec 2020, 01:10:11 »
Hi All,

This is a very poor system at present, so I am open to new suggestions! I currently have a .bat file triggered by PDW that runs a shortcut (admin permissions) to another batch file. This then runs a .vbs script that opens a web page on a second monitor in full screen mode, waits 15 mins and then goes back to another web page.

When I double click the .bat file that PDW activates, everything runs without a hitch. When PDW activates the command file I get an error in the .vbs script. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you


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Re: PDW Command File error
« Reply #1 on: 08 Dec 2020, 08:46:36 »
Hi Mitch,

Bit hard without seeing the vba code and what line causes the error, and what the error is.