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Handic 0016 / Realistic PRO-2001

Handic 0016

Realistic PRO-2001

The Handic 0016 and the almost identic Realistic PRO-2001 are one of the first synthesized scanners. The receiver's discriminator is built up from discrete components. The unfiltered baseband signal can be found at TP-7. This test point is located under the box that contains the 9 V memory battery.

Handic 0016 / Realistic PRO-2001

A resistor of 10 k is soldered to TP-7. A piece of wire connects the other lead of the resistor to a 3.5 mm chassis terminal mounted in the back of the scanner. As the back panel is grounded and it's only a short distance to the resistor, shielded cable is not necessary.



TP-7 contains the unfiltered audio

A resistor connects TP-7 with a chassis terminal

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