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Icom IC-R2 / IC-R5


The Icom IC-R2 and IC-R5 are broadband receivers that have a similar enclosure. From the inside as well, there are many similarities between the two receivers. The IC-R2 and IC-R5 have a TA31136 FM IC. The baseband audio can be found on measurement point 'QUAD', that can be reached easily.

QUAD location in the IC-R2
QUAD location in the IC-R5
Measurement point 'QUAD' in the Icom R2
Measurement point 'QUAD' in the Icom R5

A 10 k miniature resistor (1/8 W) is soldered to 'QUAD'. The resistor's other lead is connected to the inner conductor of a short piece of shielded wire.The shield can be connected to the metal housing of coil L21.

Discriminator output
Overview of the discriminator output
The 10 k resistor soldered to 'QUAD'
Discriminator output
Pigtail from the IC-R2

There is not much space for an additional chassis socket. That's why I used a 'pigtail': the shielded wire is led to the outside of the scanner and has been equipped with a female 3.5 mm connector.

A cable tie on the inside of the scanner is used as a strain relief.

The 'pigtail' from the IC-R2

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