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Realistic PRO-2010


It's fairly simple to equip the Realistic PRO-2010 with a discriminator output. The interior of the scanner is spacious, and DIL IC's are used.

The receiver IC is a 10420. The unfiltered audio can be found on pin 9 and on test point TP-5, so no soldering to the IC is required..




Pin 9 and TP5 contain the base band signal

A 10 k resistor, soldered to TP5

TP5 consists of a vertically mounted, unmarked 0 Ohm resistor. A 10 k resistor is connected to TP5. The other lead of the 10 k resistor is connected to piece of shielded wire. The braid of this wire can be connected to the shield of a coil close to the receiver IC.

The other side of the shielded wire is connected to a 3.5 mm jack that can be mounted in the side panel of the scanner.

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