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It's not too difficult to equip the GRE PSR-282 with a discriminator output. The receiver IC can be located underneath the 10.245 MHz crystal. It's a 3361, with the unfiltered auio at pin 9. There is no need however to solder to this IC. Pin 9 has a direct connection with test point TP5.


Discriminator output
Test point TP5
The connection to TP5
Follow the next steps to make a discriminator output:
  • Disconnect the loudspeaker contact. This gives you more space (see right picture)
  • Solder a 10 k resistor to TP5
  • Connect the resistor's other lead to a piece of insulated wire
  • Solder a second wire to ground, e.g. to the metal housing of a coil
  • Place a 3.5 mm mono chassis socket in the scanner's back and connect it with the two wires
  • Don't forget to reconnect the loudspeaker contact
Chassis socket

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