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Icom R7000


Adding a discriminator output to an Icom IC-R7000 is rather straightforward. The discriminator is easy to reach, and the receiver is equipped with a spare cinch connector, so there is no need to drill.

Icom R7000

If you remove the receiver's top lid, the IF part can be spotted on the left. The baseband audio can be found on the right lead of R97 (blue arrow).



R97 contains the unfiltered audio

Through a 10 k resistor, the discriminator is connected with the outside world

A 10 k resistor is connected to the right lead of R97. The core of a piece of shielded wire is connected to the resistor's other lead. The braid of the shielded wire is trimmed.

discriminator output

The other side of the shielded wire is connected to the spare cinch chassis terminal, which can be reached from the bottom of the R7000. The core is soldered to the connector's inner conductor. The braid is connected to the solder lug that is connected to the receiver's housing.

Connection to the spare cinch connector

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