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Sailor Compact VHF RT2048

Sailor RT2048

The Sailor RT-2048 is a marine VHF from the late eighties/early nineties. Without opening the case, it can be equipped with a discriminator output.

Sailor RT2048

This Sailor marine VHF has the detected audio available on the backside connector. Pin 6 of this 9 pin Sub-D connector contains the raw audio.

The connections to the original 9 pin connector are insulated by a block of plastic, which makes it difficult to reach pin 6. To facilitate the modification, the five original leads are moved to a new 9 pin male connector one-to-one.

Pin 9
discriminator output
Pin 6 of this connector carries the unfiltered audio
Connection to pin 6 of the new connector

The positive lead of a 10 uF electrolytic capacitor is connected to pin 6. The negative lead is connected to a 1 k resistor.The inner wire of a shielded (microphone)cable is soldered to the resistor's other lead. The shield can be connected to pin 2 or 3; these are grounded.

The shielded cable can be led out of the original enclosure at the back. I used a grommet, with a tyrap on the inside as strain relief. The other side of the shielded cable can be terminated with a socket of your choice, e.g. a female cinch connector.


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