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Uniden Bearcat BC120XLT / BC220XLT - COM214 - AE95H


Internally, the BC120XLT, BC220XLT, Commtel COM214 and Albrecht AE95H are almost identical scanners. These scanners use an MC3361 receiver IC, with the unfiltered audio at pin 9.

This pin is a little hard to reach, because of an elevated circuit board right next to the 3361.

There is more than enough space for a 3.5 mm socket. It can be mounted on the side in the scanner's back panel. The ground lug of the chassis terminal can be soldered to the shield in the back panel. When the scanner is closed, this shield is connected to the scanner's ground.

BC120XLT / BC220XLT / COM-214



Pin 9 carries the unfiltered audio

Resistor and capacitor


After mounting the chassis socket, follow these steps to make the discriminator output:
  • Solder a 10 k resistor to pin 9 of the receiver IC
  • Solder a 2.2 nF capacitor to the resistor's other lead. The other lead of the capacitor is soldered to the metal shield of the IF coil
  • Connect the resistor/capacitor junction with the signal solder lug of the chassis socket (red wire)

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