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Uniden Bearcat BC30XLT


The BC30XLT / UBC30XLT is a miniature scanner with a broad VHF frequency range. With some effort, this scanner can be equipped with a discriminator output.

Don't try this if you don't have sufficient experience with miniature electronics.

The existing earphone socket can be reused, so no drilling is required.


The scanner can be opened by unscrewing 6 screws. Inside, another 2 scews need to be removed.

The inside of the scanner consists of two connected circuit boards. They can be disconnected by straightening several clamps and undoing several contacts from soldering tin, e.g. by using desoldering braid.

Two clamps and two solder contacts
Four clamps and two solder contacts
After this exercise, the circuit boards can be separated easily. In order to reach the receiver IC, the receiver board (the smallest circuit board) needs to be opened by removing its the metal shield. The receiver IC is an NJM2551. The unfiltered audio can be found on pin 11.
Four solder contacts need to be loosened
Pin 11 contains the unfilterd audio
dicriminator output

A piece of insulated wire is connected to pin 11 of the receiver IC. This wire can be led in the direction of te antenna plug before replacing the metal shield.

Remove the SMD resistor marked '100'. It can be found above the display on the other circuit board. Connect a 10 k resistor to the right cleared solder pad. The wire coming from pin 11 is soldered to the resistor's other lead.

Using a stereo 3.5 mm plug, the headphone signal is available between the tip and ground. The discriminator output is available between the middle ring and ground.

The connection to pin 11
Pin 10
discriminator output
The SMD resistor is removed..
..and the connection is made to the cleared solder pad

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