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Uniden Bearcat UBC360CLT


The Uniden Bearcat 360CLT is a recent base scanner. The scanner has a spacious layout, which makes it not to difficult to equip it with a discriminator output.

The receiver IC is an NJM2552. As the IC pins are separated only 0,65 mm (0.025"), good soldering skills are required, as well as a soldering iron with a fine tip.

The baseband audio can be found on pin 11.

Pin 11
discriminator output
Pin 11 of the NJM2552 carries the unfiltered audio
The components at pin 11
Follow the next steps to make the discriminator output:
  • Install a 3.5 mm mono socket in the scanner's back
  • Connect a 10 k resistor to pin 11 of the receiver IC
  • Connect a 2.2 nF capacitor to the resistor's other lead. The other lead of the capacitor is soldered to the metal shield of the IF coil.
  • Connect the resistor/capacitor junction with the signal solder lug of the chassis socket (red wire)
  • Connect the chassis socket's ground lug with the metal shield of the IF coil (black wire)
Overview of the discriminator output

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