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Uniden Bearcat UBC800XLT / BCT15 /BCT15X


The UBC800XLT is the improved European version of the BCT15. It's a versatile recent scanner.

The receiver IC is an NJM2551, with the unfiltered audio on pin 12. Soldering the receiver IC is not necessary: the baseband audio is also available on a solder pad marked 'DISC'.

location of DISC
discriminator output
Test point DISC contains the unfiltered audio
Insulated wire connected to DISC
Follow the next steps to make a discriminator output:
  • Mount a 3.5 mm (1/8") mono chassis socket in the scanner's back
  • Solder a 10 k resistor to the signal lug of the socket
  • Connect a piece of inslulated wire to point DISC
  • Lead the wire from point DISC to the component side and connect it to the resistor's other lead.

The housing is connected to ground, so the chassis socket is grounded as well.

3.5 mm socket
3.5 mm socket

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