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Uniden Bearcat USC230


The USC230 is almost similar to the UBC72XLT. The unfiltered audio can be found at LND7.

There is one difference: the USC230 has two pushbuttons on the side, leaving not too much space for an additional socket. I have modified the headphone socket to connect the discriminator signal, keeping the headphone signal available as well..

LND7 contains the unfiltered audio
This resistor needs to be removed


The scanner uses a stereo 3.5 mm headphone output. The middle contact is made available for the discriminator output. The SMD resistor (see circle) needs to be removed. A 10 k resistor is soldered to the right solder pad. The resistor's other lead is connected to a wire running from LND7.

Using a stereo 3.5 mm plug, the headphone signal is available between the tip and ground. The discriminator output is available between the middle ring and ground.

Overview of the discriminator output

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